Silvia Camastral presentes her BRAND NEW Course!

One Flirt at a time – accessing your creative inspiration from nature and your surroundings

4 week online course to kick start your creative inspiration and use creativity in your life

18 Jan - 8 Feb 2023

Kicks off 11am (AEST) Wed 18 January 2023

Nature inspires creativity!

What's involved!

All you need to know about bringing creativity into your life - over 4 weeks you will find your own creatitivy and explore new ways of making creativity a part of YOUR life!

1. Weekly Zoom calls

Weekly live Zoom calls Wed 11 am AEST - replays available

2. Access to private group

Share and support other like-minded 'creatives'

3. 'Check-ins" & support

Regular chats with Silvia and other members

4. Walking, being in nature

Using nature to tune into creativity and to find inspiration!

5. Inner work

Catching that flirt and going deeper into self-expression

6. Daily writing

Using the tools of writing “the morning pages” to get unstuck

This course is for YOU if you:

  • secretly flirt with the idea of starting something creative
  • are stuck and blocked with a project
  • are plagued with inner criticism and self-doubt
  • are bored with life and would love to kick start a creative exploration
  • keep yourself busy to fill an inner emptiness
  • over-commit and am swamped with work
  • get into making space for creativity and meditation but never stick to it

What you get from this course!

  • 4 online (weekly) live Zoom sessions with demonstrations
  • 4 weeks of guidance and support
  • Develop your deeper creativity
  • Tips for daily free style writing
  • Group sharing of wins and challenges

Silvia Camastral

Silvia Camastral is a Process Oriented psychotherapist and counsellor. She has a PhD in General Psychology, a Masters of Counselling and a Diploma of Process Oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work).

She works in private practice in Brisbane and is a senior faculty member of the ANZPOP training program (Australian and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology).

Silvia is also a sessional academic at QUT and ACAP. More info about can be found at

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